Student Organizations

Student Organizations

At WVU Parkersburg, we have a variety of clubs and organizations to help all of our students find a place and a group of friends to enjoy. Student clubs and organizations allow for further exploration and discovery in both academic and non-academic areas, enabling growth experiences and learning beyond the classroom setting.





HG Young

Collegiate 4-H Club

Jodi Smith

Criminal Justice Organization

Andrew Walker

Delta Iota Omega(Criminal Justice Honorary)

Rhett Wharton


Rebecca Phillips Valerie Keinath

Gaming Club

Health & Wellness

Pamela Santer

International Student Club

Kappa Delta Pi(Education Honorary)

Cathy Ferris

Legal Studies Society

Scott Turner

Literacy Association

Dr. Cheryl Mader

Media and Communications Club

Dr. Torie Jackson

Phi Beta Lamda (PBL)Business Organization

Tracy Wooten

Phi Theta Kappa

Marie Butler Andrew Rochus Andrew Walker

Psi Beta (Psychology Honorary)

Dave Thompson

Psychology Club

Dave Thompson

SOGI United(Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity)

Kurt Klettner

Student Government Association

Samantha Suggs

Student Nurses Association

Dr. Rose Beebe

Union for Speech & Debate

Kelly Campbell

Veterans Corps

Kurt Klettner

Writer’s Guild

Dr. Sandra Kolankiewicz

Information for New Student Organization

Is there a club or organization you don’t see listed? You can start one!